Mashobra is one of the popular hill stations in Himachal Pradesh that provide ideal paragliding places even for beginners.


Not only Paragliding, but the visitors may also enjoy skiing here. But you must visit during December and January for skiing.

While trekking up to the hills you will pass through the jungle of cedar and oak trees, and you'll hear the melodious chirping of the birds too.


Those who are hardcore lovers of camping can fulfill their dream here. The lush greenery of the hills of Mashobra has perfect camping grounds.


Quad Biking

You can visit Tattapani for enjoying quad biking, the funniest adventures to encounter in the town. 

You can enjoy the thrilling adventure of river rafting with your family or friends in the stream of Tattapani. 

River Rafting


Rappelling is generally interesting way to encounter one of the most thrilling adventures in Mashobra.

If you have enough strength and courage to face adventure, you must try mountaineering at Mashobra. Mountaineering is rock or mountain climbing.


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