Snow Games in Shimla

Shimla is always the best deal for tourists. But the town becomes lovely when the snowfalls here and tourists play these snow games. 

The Ridge during  snowfall

The ridge is undoubtedly the busiest place in Shimla. It becomes more beautiful and crowdy dring the snowfall.

You will feel relaxed as the speed of your sledge slows and you feel the numbness approving to the cool air that slashes across your skin.

Slide on the Snow

Enjoy Sledge Ride with your Partner

You can ride the sledge with your partner. If you're lucky and it begins to snow then you're bound to enjoy a memorable trip.

Make a snowball battle! Teach your children how to create the snowball. Make a snowball practice game. Set up something you can throw at and let your children practice throwing!

Snowball Fight

Kufri is famous for its breathtaking views and adventures and is also known as the skier's paradise. visit Kufri during wintertime to enjoy skiing.

Skiing with your Partner

Making Snowman

Create a snowman. Make some balls, large or small. Make a snowman. Find eyes made of rocks and twigs to make arms and then wrap him in a warm blanket with a scarf and hat!

Romance In Snow

Though Love needs no weather, but snowfall becomes the most romantic weather when two hot partners ignite it with their hot romance.

Enjoy Camp Fire in Shimla

Campfire is the most loving activity. Just install your tent, have your peg in your hand and bask by the campfire. You will love it surely. You also can play antakchhari.

Winter Trekking Near Shimla

There are numerous winter trekking places within Himachal Pradesh where you witness the most beautiful snow-covered mountains.

Enjoy with your Pets at snow

If you carry your pets with you, it can be more interesting. You will really love to play with it in snow.

These are other activities which are far more interesting. Please click below to explore the breathtaking activities.

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