Top Water Soprts, you won't have enjoyed in Goa.

Baga beach is a popular spot for tourists. Baga Beach in North Goa attracts those who enjoy water sports.


Baga Beach goa provides you with a thrilling water sport that is called parakiting or parasailing.

It is also thrilling and is a must-do activity. In it, participants stand on a surfboard and then tie the tide to a motorboat, performing different stunts.


Photography is certainly one of the hobbies that are not well-known to the majority of many. Because nature is in the hills, therefore photography...


Jet Ski at Baga Beach

Jet Ski is a water sport, but it's similar to driving on a scooter. However, there is a tiny distinction from Jet Ski and scooter driving. You'll scoot along the water.

Five or fewer people can take a ride on a banana-shaped inflatable boat connected to an inflatable drift boat.

Banana riding


Bodyboarding is definitely among the more exciting water activities. The participants swim away from high weaves and then return to shore in a snap.


Wakeboarding and kneeboarding are the same things, but the main difference is that the riders kneel in front of an actual surfboard.


Baga Beach is a busy coast, however, Kayaking can be an enjoyable sport. you use kayaks to paddle across the waters. Kayaking can be a relaxing activity.

Speed boat rides

Actually, it is true that the Speed Boat ride is amazingly simple and anyone can do it effortlessly. 

Let me tell you that this stunning beach shares its coast with the surrounding areas of Sinquerim, Candolim, and Baga. Click below to explore more