Weather in Shimla | What is the best time to visit Shimla?

Best time to visit Shimla

When you think about making a tour to Shimla, the first question comes to your mind is “What is the best time to go to Shimla?” Consequently, your search for the weather in Shimla. In this article, I’ll discuss the Shimla weather and temperature in Shimla in detail.

 Weather in Shimla from November to January

 The Temperature in Shimla in winter:

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If you really want to see the magic of the weather in Shimla, you must go here in winter. Generally, the white sheet of snow covers Shimla and makes it extremely beautiful. Usually, the average temperature in Shimla during the winter season is around 8 °C while the lowest may go as down as –7°C. Generally, it is November, when winter has its first effect on Shimla, and then slowly it affects the entire hill station in December and January. Generally, the chilly winds blow here, and the town gets the coldest weather during the winter season.

Why you should visit in the winter season?

Certainly, the topmost of the reasons to visit Shimla in winter is the snowfall. When the weather is cold in the town, it snows. Consequently, Shimla attracts tourists from all over the world. During the snowfall, tourists play in the snow, and ski on the snow. Even you can witness the snowfall from the hotel window.

What things should know before visiting Shimla?

Before visiting Shimla, you must make some research to know the weather in Shimla. After that collect all the emergency contacts numbers as you may need them anytime. By the way, you can get these numbers from Justdial.

Weather in Shimla from March to June 

The Temperature in Shimla in the Summer:

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The weather in Shimla during the summer season becomes a little bit warm. Thus the weather is pleasant and moderate. Generally, the beginning of the Shimla weather is just like the spring season, before shifting into the summer season. Usually, the average temperature in Shimla during the summer season remains between 16 °C to 18 °C.

Generally, the winter muffles the white sheet of snow while during the summer it uncovers the shimmering Shimla. Certainly, the green forests of hillsides, and blooming flowers beautify Shimla a lot. Though the evenings are a little bit chilly the overall weather is pleasant. Surely, tourists from all over India come to Shimla for escaping from the scorching summer.

Why should you visit Shimla in Summer Season?

Generally, the summer season in other states is hotter in comparison to Shimla weather during the summer. The tourists come and enjoy the summer too. Even the blooming flowers beautify the beautiful city.

What things should you know before visiting Shimla during the summer?

Generally, the months of summer have warm days and cold nights. Even you can enjoy the occasional shower of rain. Generally, the temperature increases during May.

Weather in Shimla from July to September

The Temperature in Shimla in Monsoon:

Usually, the temperature during the monsoon remains between 17 °C to 32 °C. Indeed, the weather is pleasant but not the best in comparison to other seasons.


Undoubtedly, Shimla is extremely beautiful it becomes more beautiful after the rain. Obviously, Shimla gets heavy rain during the monsoon. This Shimla weather is good and washes the hill clean, even the trees and hilly slopes are shimmering.

Generally, Shimla gets 1400 MM rain during the monsoon.

Though Monsoon is off-season in Shimla during the monsoon it becomes perfect for those who look for a budget trip. Generally, the monsoon starts in mid-July and remains till September. In spite of the humidity, the weather remains cool.

Why should you visit Shimla during Monsoon?

Generally, monsoon is an off-season. As a result, there is no rush in Shimla. If you want a budget trip, the monsoon season is amazingly perfect for you. Even the prices in hotels and resorts are down during the off-season.

What things should you know before visiting Shimla during the monsoon?

First thing first, Shimla weather is always awesome. By the way, the main reason to visit there during the monsoon is a budget trip. Thus those who want a budget trip, the Shimla trip in the rainy season may be a budget trip.

There is a warning for you that during the rainy season there may be landslides in Shimla. So it may be risky during Shimla’s rainy weather. Consequently, you won’t be able to visit all the places in Shimla.


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Shimla weather is always full of magic. In this article, I have tried to explain the weather in Shimla properly. The temperature shown in the above tables is according to the last year.

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