Mashobra – Mesmerizing Examples Of Things To Do In Mashobra

Mashobra has an average elevation of 2,146 meters (7041 feet). The town comes under Shimla direct in the state of Himachal Pradesh.

The beautiful town is surrounded by mist-covered hills, pine, oak, cedar, deodar, orchards of apple, and a beautiful scenic view. There are beautiful streams gushing through the dale.

This beautiful location is one of the outstanding offbeat locations among the Himalayan hills. There are beautiful scenic views around the town. You would enjoy the exquisite beauty of nature. This beauty takes away the breath of the tourists.

I would suggest you must visit the place once in your life. Here are the adventures you must experience during your trip to Mashobra.

Best Adventures To Encounter In Mashobra

There are a lot of adventures to experience like rafting, paragliding, and mountain climbing. Certainly,  Mashobra is such a beautiful place to enjoy every moment. Here is a list of what you should do when you are in the town –

Paragliding in Mashobra


Mashobra is one of the most popular places in Himachal Pradesh (India) for paragliding. Here in this town, there is an ideal location for paragliding.

If you are fresher for paragliding, nothing to worry about because there are highly trained personnel making sure that the activity is extremely safe and highly enjoyable. Like this Paragliding must be in top experience to do in Mashobra.


skiing in mashobra

Although this beautiful town is untouched and less crowded, it muffles the white sheet in winter and becomes extremely beautiful. Because of this white beauty, tourists come here every year and encounter beauty.

The visitors enjoy skiing here. Because it is one of the best places near Shimla for skiing lovers, they visit this excellent location. In fact, it is a highly preferred skiing destination.

On account of skiing, Mashobra beats Shimla. It is a must visit the place, at least once in your life. Skiing is an adventure that everyone wants to enjoy. Even fresher can enjoy it, as the government runs small courses for the tourists.


trekiing in mashobra

Those who love mountains, also love trekking up the lush hills. While trekking up you will go through the cedar and oak trees, and you will hear the chirping of the birds. Along with the sweet songs of the birds, you will enjoy the comfortable weather.

Shali Tibba rests at an altitude of 9,423 feet. It is surrounded by Shimla, Mashobra, Kufri, Fagu, and Narkanda. Shali Tibba offers scope for trekking in this location. You can also trek from Fagu to Chharabra via the Tattapani stream.

If you wish to escape hardcore trekking, you can enjoy mild walking and relax your life here. Hence you will enjoy the extremely beautiful surroundings. Trekking is really amazing and the best experience to be encountered here.

Camping in Mashobra

Camping in mashobra
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Have you ever rested in the lap of nature? If not, camping is the best way to see and experience nature. Those who love camping can fulfill their dream here. The lush hills of Mashobra have perfect camping grounds.

When you are on a tour around Mashobra for camping purposes you may enjoy a couple of adventure activities like food, lodging, bonfires and music, and other activities. Camping can be a memorable experience in your life.

Bird Watching


Mashobra and the adjoining areas are a center of pleasure for bird watching. Apart from The Shimla Water Catchment Sanctuary, you can take any of the trails and look out for the local avifauna.

Here’s the list of all the birds I have a spotter. The Reserve Forest Sanctuary has one of the Asian largest watersheds that supply water to Shimla. The pleasant weather of this outstanding hilly town charms plenty of birds throughout the year.

The birdwatchers who come to Mashobra love to trek to the forest reserve, they also camp out with friends or family and enjoy looking for the various races of birds that Mashobra host. You can easily spot the Himalayan eagle, pheasants, partridges, and other birds in the thickets here.

Quad Biking

quad biking in mashobra

Though quad biking is not very popular, it is one of the funniest adventures to encounter in the town. You can go to Tattapani to enjoy quad biking and ride a quad bike in the water. Many travel agencies include quad biking in their package.


River Rafting in Mashobra

river rafting

The stream of Tattapani invites you for having fun river rafting. You can enjoy this thrilling adventure with your family or friends. When you are drenched in the chilling water of this stream, then it saves you from the scorching sun.

This stream is one of the most popular locations for lovers of river rafting. Those who are adventure lovers and seek adventure on every trip must keep this activity on top of the list of the best things to do in Mashobra.

Mountaineering & Rappelling

rappelling in mashobra

An interesting way to encounter one of the most thrilling adventures is mountaineering and rappelling. If you have enough strength to experience adventure, you must try it at Mashobra.

There are several adventure camps and institutes in the town that offer mountaineering packages for tourists with skilled guidance. Isn’t it excited? Be brave and inhale deeply, just forget the rest of the world when you climb the rock.


bike riding in mashobra

Regardless to say that bike riding among the hills is another adventure. If you have not brought your own bike, no need to worry, because you can hire a bike here and ride to this beautiful town through windy roads and pine trees. Mashobra is just 10.4 KM far from Shimla.

The Barmain-Basantpur road near Mashobra is very exciting and challenging for a fun backpacker biking trip to Mashobra. Undoubtedly it is more fun to ride the bike on the treacherous mountain trails at Mashobra. This activity will offer you awesome views of Mashobra which you may capture on your camera and make it an unforgettable trip ever.

Tradition & Shopping

Shopping in mashobra

The traditions of Mashobra are the center of attraction for the tourist. You can experience and enjoy traditions and festivals here. Mahasu Jatara festival is celebrated on the third Tuesday of May on Mahasu Peak.
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If you are a lover of handmade unique jewelry, Tibetan Handicraft Market in Mashobra is the location where you can fulfill your desire to shop. You can purchase unique woolen items at the best price. You also may buy other things here. So keep in mind to put it on your things-to-do list.

When To Visit Mashobra

Summer Season: The time from March to May is summer. This is to say that if you want to enjoy the comfortable weather and participate in adventure activities, the summer season is the best time to be there. Generally, during these months the temperature in Mashobra is 8°C to 30°C.

Rainy Season: Rainy season comes in June and remains till September. Those who love rain must go during the rainy season.

But tourists usually avoid going to Mashobra in monsoon as the weather is wet, and there is infrequent rain. Due to infrequent rain, you also cannot do most of the adventure activities during this season.

Winter Season: Winter arrives in October and ends around February. Because there is heavy snowfall during this season, therefore beauty spreads all around. The winter months bring a chilly climate and mist with them.

During winter, the temperature in Mashobra is recorded from 0°C to 10°C. When you go to Mashobra in winter, please carry warm woolen clothes with you.

In conclusion, winter is the best season for those who have a deep desire to experience snowfall in Mashobra.

How To Reach Mashobra

By air: Shimla Airport is nearest to Mashobra. The distance between Shimla and Mashobra is around 12.5 Kilometers. You can cover this distance by road in less than 45 minutes.

By train: Shimla Railway Station is the nearest railway station to Mashobra. After getting down from the train, you can cover the remaining distance to Mashobra by road.

By road: Roads connect all the major cities of Himachal Pradesh to Mashobra. You also can travel to the town from big cities like Delhi, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Amritsar, Bangalore, Leh, & Mumbai. Mashobra is around 370 kilometers from Delhi.

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