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  1. Manali is one of the most visited places. Honeymooners love this place a lot. Whether you are looking for a break from your work, or you want to save yourself and from the scorching sun, you would love to visit here.

Manali rests on the bank of Beas river and this town will provide you everything that satisfies a tourist. Whether you are looking for peace, or you want to experience an adventurous life, Manali is a perfect place for you. There are several unique cultural, natural, and adventurous locations.

Generally, tourists love to walk on the Mall Road with their families and partners. And they love to visit Manu Temple also. Mall Road and Manu Temple along with other places are popular among many families, youngsters, and other tourists. These are the centers of attraction for the visitors. But you must not miss the fantastical destinations like Kaso; and Kullu.

These spots are extremely scenic and provide you many pieces of the scenery of magnificent mountains and exquisite valleys. If you are lucky enough you may get a chance to see a bit of hippie culture here. Thus, you are free to choose your activities and location here.


Mall Road

mall road manali
Image Source – Google | image by Shubhankar Sakalkale

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Mall Road is the first among the visiting locations in Manali. This pretty spot is at the top of the tourists’ list of locations to visit in the town. Certainly, there are many shops, you would love to experience the beautiful sights, sounds of the region and the local flavors.

The guesthouses, café, German bakeries, bookshops, and the like are the center of attraction for tourists. Certainly, you would not like to miss the local food outlets and Tibetan handmade woolens items.

There are sitting facilities on Mall Road, as you would find many benches here. So Sit properly and lose yourself in the sights and sounds of the place.

After the sopping, you can observe the beauty of the mountains here. While at Mall Road, don’t forget to go to the Hong Kong Market, Dragon Shopping Complex, and Snow Lion Underground Market.

Location: Main Manali Street, around 1 km from the Bus Stand

Best time: From March to June (summer) and October to February (winter).

Entry Fee: No entry fee


Old Manali

old manali
Image Source – Google | image by ArjunChhibber01

Old Manali is across the Manalsu River. If you are willing to see the other side of the town, just walk across the Manalsu River Bridge, and walk around the part that is known as ‘Old Manali’. This exquisite location would give you an unforgettable experience.

Certainly, the setting of this blissful village will make you feel as you have walked into the 1960s. There are small roads run through the valleys and the ways are lined with Eucalyptus trees. The peace rest there and the chirping birds and gushing river break the ice there.


Solang Valley

Solang valley

Undoubtedly, Solang Valley is one of the most beautiful places in Himachal Pradesh, India.  It is located at the distance of 14 kilometers from Manali that means it will take 37 minutes via Leh Manali Highway. It rests at 2,560 m (8,400 feet).

People know this beautiful valley for its breathtaking views.  From Solang Nullah, you can experience the exquisite scenes of glaciers, snow-covered mountains near Rohtang Pass.

This valley lies between Solang village and Beas Kund.  If you go to Manali, then you must visit Solang Valley, as it is one of the most attractive and beautiful locations near Manali.

Here are the slopes. Hence you can enjoy skiing on those slopes. Certainly, you would love to play in the snow with our loved ones.

When summer season causes to melt the snow, parachuting, zorbing, paragliding and horse riding take the place of skiing. Those who love snowfall and skiing must visit between the months of December to February.

Location: Solang Valley, Manali, Distt. Kulu, Himachal Pradesh 175131

Distance from Manali: 14 KM

Best time: December to February (for snow lovers)

Entry Fee:  No entry fee


The Museum of Himachal Culture and Folk Art In Manali

This museum is one of the major centers of attraction for tourists. The museum was established in 1998. It is in Utopia Complex, just 2.4 kilometers via Hadimba Devi Temple from Manali.

You can see a unique and impressive collection of antique articles of Himachal Pradesh which demonstrates the forgotten culture, art, and handicraft. These articles reflect the culture and heritage of Himachal Pradesh. You can see much interesting Himachali kitchenware and traditional ornaments.

If you love to know about ancient cultures, then you would feel lost in this museum. This location will give you ample knowledge about Himachali life and culture. So you must visit here.

Location: Utopia Complex, 2.4 KM via Hadima Temple

Distance: 2.4 km from Manali.

Entry Fee: INR 10


Van Vihar National Park In Manali

van vihar national park in manali

If you are a nature lover, you would love this beautiful place. And it is one of the best places to visit in Manali. There are hundreds of deodar and pine trees, which tent the sky and surround the place in cool duskiness even during the day.

I would suggest that you should enjoy the walk here and see different species of plants. You will also be able to see wild beetles here. In fact, you will feel as you are in the lap of nature. This is the easiest way to enjoy wildlife with the experience of boating, twittering birds, and rustling winds.

Location: Mall Road.

Best time: March to June (warm weather).

Entry Fee: INR 10.


Manali Sanctuary

flying fox in manali sanctuary


This beautiful sanctuary will give you a chance to see mountain wildlife and different varieties of plants and trees. You will happen to see a number of animals and birds here.

Who is here that doesn’t love to see barking deer, flying fox, Kashmir flying squirrel, Himalayan black bear, snow pigeons, chakor, and many other species.

In fact, you will love to see dense thickets and trees like poplar, willow, deodar, and thickets of blazing red rhododendrons. This sanctuary edges on the scenic banks of the Manalsu Nullah and here are high peaks in the background.

Location: Circuit House Marg,

Distance: 700 m via Gurudwara road

Best time: During March-June and October-February

Entry Fee:  INR 10 per head


Jogini Falls

The height of these mesmerizing waterfalls is 160 feet.  The beauty of falls is the center of attraction for the tourists. They love to hear the natural sound of the falls. Certainly, these falls are surrounded by lush greenery and tranquil nature.

In reality, you will never like to miss hearing the sound of the waterfalls. You will enjoy sipping tea with bowls of Maggi from the nearby stalls.

By the way, the best way to enjoy is to trek to the waterfalls. Generally, you will encounter beautiful orchards, streams, lush green grounds, and hills of Rohtang.

Location: Vashisht Village.

Best time: After the rainy season (mid-September) or during the months of March-June.

Entry Fee: Free


Nehru Kund

Nehru Kund is a natural spring rests on Manali-Leh highway. By the way, it is not at much distance from Manali. It is just 5.6 kilometers from the town.

When Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru visited Manali to stay, he used to drink water from this Kund. Hence this natural spring named after India’s first Prime Minister, Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru.

This pious spring rises out of Bhrigu Lake. The locals consider it propitious. Thus this is a center of attraction for tourists as well as the locals. This is one of the locations in Manali to visit, where nature lies.

While in Manali, you must visit this beautiful natural spot and drink the water from this stream. Certainly, this water is crystal clear as nature is the purifier for this stream. You would love this water and also you would not like to miss the beautiful nature here.

Location: Bashisht, Himachal Pradesh

Best time: May to October.

Entry Fee: Free entry.

Arjun Gufa (Arjun Cave)

arjuna cave penance
Image Source – Google | image by Samrajclicks

Driving towards Naggar, Arjun Cave is located around 4 kilometers away from the town. Certainly, this is an offbeat place where a lot of people get peace.  This place is satiated with legends and tales that are as ancient as the cave.

On the left bank of Beas River, this cave rests in Prini, a village. According to ancient legend, Arjuna performed his penance here. On account of this penance, he got dexterity to handle Pashupati Astra- a weapon. By the way, Arjuna is one of five Pandavas (five brothers) from the great epic of Sanatan Dharma, the Mahabharta.

Kunt Bhayo Lake and the Kunto Matha Temple are the handy spots where you can visit. These are beautiful and natural places. You know, nature lies here so you would feel inner peace. This beautiful cave is surrounded by hills and natural beauty.

Certainly, you would love to feel the untouched beauty of nature. Just feel the calmness of the scenic views far from the crowd of Manali. However, you should here during the daylight.

Location: Near Prisni Village, Manali. Himachal Pradesh

Best time: March-June.

Entry Fee: Zero

Cafe 1947

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Old Manali has the honor of having Cafe 1947. Cafe 1947 is the oldest and best café here.  Earlier it was a music café. This café rests on the bank of Manalsu River. Even if it is a cafe yet it will kill your hunger of watching nature besides satisfy taste.

By the way, you will love to experience a romantic coffee here, you may also enjoy the food at the table with your family. Certainly, you will get delicious Indian and European food. Please don’t forget to make your trip extremely romantic with your partner having a tea date here.

Location: Near Nehru Kund, Manali,

Entry Fee: No entry fee.

The Castle Manali

naggar castle manali, manali castle
Image Source – Google | image by Akshat Sharma

The castle is situated in Naggar, so it is also called Naggar castle. It is built of stone and wood. It is a queer mixture of Indian and western architecture. Once the palace was the abode of Raja Sidh Sing Kullu.

The king got it built with the purpose of making is it a rest house. But currently, Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation converts it into a heritage hotel. Possibly, it is one of the exquisite locations near Manali.

You will experience here cozy fireplace, swirling stairs, panoramic stone, and woodwork. In the interior, you will also get a chance to appreciate the famous art of Roerich — the famous Russian painter who came to Manali.

Certainly, you will take some memories back from here. So it is a must visiting place for you. Over and above it, you get a chance to get wall hangings, coasters as well as the Roerich paintings. The castle will provide you breathtaking views of Kullu Valley and you will love to experience a peaceful feeling as Beas river flows nearby.

Location: Near Hotel, Sun Park, Naggar Rd, Manali,

Best time: September-November.

Entry Fee: 15/- Per Head

Rahalla Falls – The Glorious Falls In Manali

The height of Rahalla Falls or Rehala Falls is 8,500 feet. These falls are one of the most glorious locations in Manali to visit. These beautiful falls are around 16 kilometers from the town on the road to the Rohtang Pass. By the way, this location is snowy heaven.

Generally, the melting of the glaciers from the mountains forms these falls. The photographers would love to spend ample time here as they would fine extremely beautiful views to capture in their camera. Certainly, you will love to sit among the peaceful zone, and behold and admire the natural beauty just like a nature lover.

These falls run through the dense jungle of deodar and pine trees. So you can go for adventurous trekking up the mountains just behind the falls. Please have your camera in your hand as you will encounter many scenic views during trekking.

Location: Leh Manali Highway,

Best time: March-November.

Entry Fee: No entry fee.

Rozy Falls

If you love to see the waterfall gushing out of the big rocks, then Rozy Falls may be one of the best places. Naturally, you will get the beauty of nature here, created by lush valleys and hills.
It is also a famous picnic spot among the people. Certainly, the sweet sound of gushing water out of the hills will pass beauty and happiness to your pretty face. And you also may walk through the beautiful trails around this place.

Location: Leh-Manali Highway

Best time: After Rainy Season, in other words, after September.

Entry Fee: Free.

Jana Falls

Those who love the beautiful falls must visit at least once in their lives. In fact, it is an enchanting place in Manali. Certainly, there are scenic views because of high peaks, lush meadows, and more beautiful views.
In reality, you will find a wooden bridge near the falls. So don’t miss this beautiful place and yeah, please carry your camera as you will love to catch the beauty of nature here.

Location: Jana Village, Naggar (Kullu)

Best time: After Rainy Season, in other words, after September.

Entry Fee: Free

Beas River – The Sacred River In Manali

beas river manali

Above all, Beas River is a holy Himalayan river. It is one of the splendid Manali landscapes to visit. In addition, snow-covered mountains, flowing clean water, and thick forest would arrest your heart.

Additionally, You will encounter amazing natural views of rushing water on the huge stones. Those who love adventure can raft in grade 2nd and 3rd rapids of the Pirdi stretch in Beas.

You will get a chance to enjoy night camping as there are beautiful camping locations all along the river. Certainly, you will not like to miss a long walk along the lush riversides.

Location: Near Manali Bus stop.

Best time: May-October(for rafting)

Entry Fee: Free of cost.



In conclusion, I would suggest you before starting your trip to this beautiful place, be sure to make a list of these beautiful locations. After that have the necessary articles in your bag and start your journey to this beautiful place.

Necessary Contacts Numbers-

Tourist Information Centre, Manali – 01902 – 252175, 252325, 252325

SHO, Manali   01902 – 252326

Civil Hospital, Manali  01902 – 253385

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