Kufri Diaries | Leaving These Spots Might Ruin your Trip

Kufri originates from the word “kufr” which means Lake in the language of locals. It’s a tiny hill station that is about 15 km from Shimla.

It is famous for its thrilling things like hiking and trekking trails. Adventure-seekers love to come to this area in winter. As they can go tobogganing and skiing along with the snow-covered slopes. The town has nature’s blessings and beautiful temperatures.

Also, it is famous for its natural parks and picnic places. So, this hill station is among the most frequented tourist destinations and the exploration doesn’t stop.

How was Kufri Discovered?

There’s an ancient place in the region between Shimla as well as Kufri. The region lies between Shimla as well. Kufri was once an area of the kingdom of Nepal.

The world wasn’t aware of the area. Then, the British discovered the area in 1819. They also established Shimla as their capital city for summer in 1864. It continued to be in that position until 1939.

As Shimla became more prominent, People also began to recognize Kufri as an important destination to visit close to Shimla

Where is Kufri?

Kufri is located in the southern part of Himachal Pradesh, in the northern region of India. It sits within the Shimla district. Without a doubt, Shimla is well-known among travelers.
Its elevation is an average of 2,720m (8923 feet) from sea level and rests in its foothills in the stunning Himalayas.
It’s 14.3 kilometers (via Dhalli Bypass and NH5) from Shimla. It’s a drive of 35 minutes or about 3.10h of walking.

Kufri Weather

The city’s weather is mild and alpine. The summer season generally runs between April and June, and those days are generally mild. The winter season is between November and February, in contrast, the months of November and February are extremely cold. Usually, there are southwest monsoon rains that last from July to September. The most popular seasons for those who love snowfall are January and December. Since it is a time of an abundance of snowfall during December and January.

What is the most beautiful thing about Kufri?


When we speak of the gorgeous places in the vicinity of Kufri places to see, Shimla comes first into our thoughts. Shimla is the capital of Himachal Pradesh, a state located in India.

It’s just 14.3 km away from Kufri. It’s a sign on the map of tourist destinations in India. The British created Shimla as the capital city of the summer in India to escape the scorching heat of Delhi.

The beautiful hill station is situated within the stunning Shivalik range. It is certainly home to a variety of tourist destinations and notable temples in addition to its stunning natural surroundings.

Tourists visiting Kufri generally go through Shimla. Let’s talk about these stunning locations independently.

Tourist Attractions in Kufri

Kufri is known for its gorgeous and refreshing climate. In the summer, visitors can take in the stunning views of the valleys and snow-capped mountains.

There are a lot of places to picnic in the town. However, you’ll be able to appreciate the walking and hiking trails that wind through the charming town. Also, you can enjoy the experience that involves exploring Kufri and the surrounding areas by horse.

It is possible to hike through the dense forest surrounding Kufri towards Mahasu Peak.

Another place to go in the town is The Himalayan Nature Park. The park is home to a variety of birds and animals that are found exclusively located in Himachal Pradesh.

It is a must to make sure to visit The Indira Tourist Park. It is located near the Himalayan Natural Park. You can imagine, it offers an amazing perspective of the areas surrounding the gorgeous town.

In winter it is white ski slopes as well as the hills surrounding the town get more thrilling for skiers and visitors.

Kufri National Park or Himalayan Nature Park

The park covers over 90 hectares and comprises an array of western Himalayan wildlife and flora. The people also know Himalayan Nature Park as Kufri national park.

It’s home to an incredible range of animals and more than 180 kinds of birds. This is among the major reasons that draw tourists who want to explore the region.

Apart from seeing an elusive snow leopard as well as barking deer, musk deer as well as brown bears, it also offers a stunning view of the entire Himalayan range, as well as its snow-covered mountains, which are the main attraction.

You can opt for an organized hike, or you can go on your own. even though the facilities aren’t great and you can’t camp, you can stay in the park.

Fagu, A Skiiing Spot

Image Source – Flicker | image by Harry and Rowena Kennedy

Fagu sits within two valleys. Apple orchards surround the area, which makes it more stunning. Fans of skiing can take a trip to Fagu since it’s perfect for skiing during the winter seasons.

Fagu is a great location for picnics during the summer. Fagu is a tiny village just six kilometers from Kufri. It has a view of its Giri valley and houses accommodation for tourists close to the top of the valley.

If you’re looking to get involved in more exercise can go on the three-kilometer trek to Chharabra and others can take short yak or pony rides along the way.

Kufri Fun World

Kufri Fun World
Image Source – Google | image by Go Karting track

If you’re looking for a fun method to exercise, Kufri Fun World, an amusement park, is perfect for you. It is home to a range of fun rides for children, and it is the highest go-kart track in the world. Remember that it also includes adults in the excitement.

If you’re traveling with children it will be the most talked-about part of their journey. There’s even an eatery which you can stop by to eat a snack.

Mahasu Peak

Mahasu Peak
Image Source – Google | image by Shahnoor Habib Munmun

Mahasu Peak is the highest spot within the city. It also offers spectacular views. You’ll also be able to see mountains like the Badrinath along with the Kedarnath ranges when it’s an uncloudy day.

However, there’s a better method of doing it. It’s to take the difficult trek through the thick forest of spruce and deodar all the way to the top.

During the winter months, the ski season, Mahasu ridge is an ideal spot for skiers who are just beginning to learn before tackling the more difficult slopes. Make sure to stop in front of the Nag Devta(the serpent god local god) temple when you reach the highest point.

Skiing in Kufri

Skiing in Kufri

If you’re planning to visit Kufri in the winter months, the best thing to do is to go skiing. For novices, there are plenty of easy slopes to get used to things. Skiers with experience are able to showcase their expertise while skiing down the slope starting from Mahasu.

Equipment for skis is offered for rental so there is no need to fret about purchasing it to take a few rides. It’s a new winter activity or you could use it as a substitute for tobogganing, skiing is gaining popularity recently.

It’s a popular activity and popular with visitors who would like to enjoy ski slopes, without any skill.

Fairs and Festivals

February is a month of celebrations for inhabitants of the area. A winter sports festival is held every February.
Athletes and enthusiasts of skiing take part in this event with a desire to win this contest lit up the eyes of each participant.

Best Time to Visit

If you are looking to find relief from the scorching heat you should go during the summertime or between April to June.
If you would like to experience snowfall as well as skiing, the ideal time to visit is between winter and December.

How to Get There

There isn’t an airport or railway station in Kufri. Therefore, the only way to get here is via road. It is however connected to Shimla, Narkanda, and Rampur via the roads. Tourists can also hire taxis from Shimla to get to the town. The beautiful town can be explored on the back of a horse.

What to carry On a Trip to Shimla, Kufri, or Himachal Pradesh?

When traveling to Kufri/Shimla or any other tourist destinations in Himachal You must bring the following items with you:

Shoes and Clothes

  1. Clothing for winter, even if you’re in the summer months, make sure to bring some winter clothes (the most suitable one is a hoodie with zippers for various reasons). You must ensure that you cover your head by wearing a scarf or cap, or a muffler or shawl as the winds from the mountains can cause a headache.
  2. An umbrella or raincoat. If you have it, is fine, alternatively, you can purchase it at the market nearby.
  3. The umbrella (better to purchase it at the market in your area, rather than the bigger one. Also, it serves as a souvenir of the spot.)
  4. An excellent pair of comfortable shoes, as you’ll require to get up and down many steps. Particularly for ladies Don’t be fooled by your tip-toes and heels, they’re the real cause of trouble for ladies who drive on dirt roads.
  5. A great pair of slippers or floaters if you wish to take a walk in the rain but don’t want to be a victim of your extravagant shoe.
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