Kasol Distance from Delhi | Top 3 Ways That Save Your Time

Kasol is a beautiful location in India. But when people think about going there they have many questions in their mind about Kasol distance from Delhi, weather, etc. Even they think; how to reach Kasol from Delhi/Chandigarh?

Top 3 Ways to Reach Kasol

By Air

If you are planning to travel by air, then you will have to alight at Bhuntar Airport in Kullu. There are flights on daily basis. This scenic village lies around 30 kilometres from the Airport.

By the way, you need to take a flight from Indira Gandhi International  Airport. Even foreigners can take a cab to cover a 540 km distance(around 12 hours distance) to Kasol in other words 540 km is Kasol distance from Delhi.

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By Train

Kasol is a remote hamlet, so Indian Railway does not connect to Kasol directly. So if you are thinking about a train route. You will have to get down at Joginder Nagar railway station as it is the nearest railway station. This railway station is 144 km from Kasol. Just take a taxi and reach Kasol. Even you can take a bus from the station to Manikaran. It is a 5 hours journey, just enjoy the bus ride and reach your loving destination.

Another way to reach Kasol is, to take a train from Delhi to Chandigarh.  To reach Kasol from Chandigarh, you will have to travel a distance of 296 km. Then Travel from Chandigarh to Manali by bus. You can also hire a cab direct to Kasol, you will travel for around 9 hours.

By Road

Delhi offers many ways to reach this beautiful destination. Either you can drive your own car or you can hire a taxi. Even there are many travel agencies that offer vehicles for rent. Even you can take a bus from Kashmiri Gate ISBT, Delhi to Buntar- the fare amount is between INR 1000-1500 per head. Then take a bus from Bhuntar to Manikaran. Kasol distance from Delhi is around 519 km.


How can I go to Kasol from Delhi?

The best way from Delhi is by Road. You can take a bus to reach Kasol as I have mentioned above. Even you can hire a taxi or cab which may be a little bit more costly but full of comfort. By the way, Kasol distance from Delhi is almost the same.

Not only this, but you can also choose Indian Railways. I have mentioned The route above.

Are sleeper buses from Delhi to Kasol available?

Yes, there are sleeper buses from Delhi to Kasol. You can take buses from travel agencies as well.

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