Colva Beach Goa | How to Reach and Where to Stay Near Colva Beach

Basically, Colva Beach Goa is like other beaches, it lies on the shores of the coastal village. By the way, This beach stretches around 2.4 km. Basically, you will get white sand here with high ad big coconut trees. Generally, it can be called a magnificent vacation spot. Just stay in Colva Beach resort.

Undoubtedly, this beach has a Portuguese influence. By the way, Portuguese and wealthy British considered it the prime vacation spot in the 1600s. Even there are many beach shacks, hotels, and water sports as well.

When to Visit Colva Beach

Like other beaches, you must visit here from October to March. Certainly, most of the tourists come here during this time. During this time the temperature is between 20 degrees to 30 degrees. So you should not visit there during the monsoon as the time is not favorable. Even the summer season is too hot there. Hence, only the winter season can be enjoyed there.

Never Miss at Colva Beach Goa

Burnzam Ghor Near Colva Beach

Certainly, Burnzam Ghor, an ancient Portuguese monument, contains three high-peaked gables. Even there is a sports complex and a chapel. Surely, Sebastiao Da Silva got it built-in 1790.

Varca Beach Near Colva Beach

By the way, Varca Beach lies at a little distance from Colva Beach. And the calm waters and coconut palms beautify the place. Even you will get a chance to enjoy sunset gazing or sunbathing here.

Church of Our Lady of Mercy

Undoubtedly, the church of our Lady of Mercy is one of the most famous churches on Colva Beach. As the people say, the church was found in the 1600s and was rebuilt in the 18th century. Surely, People worship baby Jesus here. Even the pilgrims come here.

Goa Chitra Museum

Goa Chitra Museum demonstrates Goa’s agrarian technology. And it lies in a Portuguese colony. There are many exhibitions of local pottery, paintings, tools, and musical instrument, even you can enjoy them.

Water Sports in Colva Beach

jet ski colva beach


Generally, Parasailing is a sport that you can find almost on every beach. Hence, you can get this thrilling activity here too. Your parachute is tied to a speed boat ad you enjoy through the open air in the sky.

Banana Boat Ride at Colva Beach

Even Banana Boat Ride is famous on beaches. Even here you can enjoy the banana boat ride. So you will enjoy the waves of the sea on a speedy boat.

Water Scooter at Colva Beach

Even you can enjoy riding a scooter on water, as it is a water scooter to ride.  Basically, it is a fun-filled experience, so you will enjoy it a lot.

Boat Ride at Colva Beach

Basically, the boat ride is a relaxing journey across the waters of Colva Beach. If you want to go coastline sightseeing, the boat ride is a perfect way for you. Even you will feel the breeze while riding.

Jet Ski Ride

Basically, Jet Ski is a ride that is found on every coast in Goa. So you can also enjoy Jet-Ski on Colva beach. By the way, it is a must doing the activity. So Just ride on the waves.

Nightlife at Colva Beach

Club Margarita

Club Margarita is a night club which lies at a little distance from Colva Beach. Basically, you will get a piece of terrific music, a lively atmosphere, and a big variety of drinks and cocktails.

Boomerang Bar

Boomerang Bar is famous for its vibrant atmosphere and amazing cocktails beside the pub and bar. If you get an excellent experience, you must try their trademark drinks.

Club Sunshine

People use Club Sunshine as a wedding venue. However, it is one of the most favorite beachside hangout areas of Colva Beach for people. If you want to enjoy Goa’s nightlife here, you can come here and try their mini appetizers.

Wendy’s Fire

Wendy’s Fire lies near Colva Beach. Undoubtedly, it is a trendy restaurant cum bar. Both unique and generic drinks can be enjoyed here. Even you can enjoy some delicious continental dishes here

49ers Restaurant and Pub

49ers Restaurant and pub is a place where you can enjoy live music with incredible cocktails. Even you will get American cuisine. Surely, it is an international pub lies on the Colva Beach Goa.

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Where to Eat at Colva Beach



Leda is a lounge and restaurant, and it has been named after Jupiter’s moon. Here you will get tasty and fantastic seafood and some genuinely unique finger food items. You must try prawn cocktail and the pineapple salsa.

The Madras Café

The Madras Café lies beside Our Lady of Mercy Church. Generally, you will get many European dishes to try. Even cocktails are available here, you will get an authentic taste of Goa.

The Garden Restaurant

The Garden Restaurant hosts Chinese, Indian, and Goan food. In short, you get different testy foods here. If you want to taste international cuisines, you must visit here.

Kentuckee Seafood Bar

If you want to go to an open front restaurant, you must visit Kentuvkee Seafood Bar. Generally, you will get delicious seafood and international fusion cuisines from Indian and Europe.

Arabian Courtyard

If you are looking for a luxury restaurant, the Arabian Courtyard is a perfect place for you. Generally, you will get a chance to taste Mughlai dishes, exceptional Goan seafood, and even other North Indian dishes as well as South Indian dishes. Even you must try their biryanis.

Shopping at Colva Beach

Shopping at Colva Beach

Obviously, when you go on tour to celebrate your vacations, you buy some articles from there. So there are market places everywhere. There are street markets near Colva beach Goa. You can buy amazing cashew nuts, spices, cashew deni, handicrafts, musical instruments, and hand-printed sculptures.

Though there are no big malls, there are many designer shops and boutiques. Even you must try the flea markets and night markets around the beach. Undoubtedly, you will get more profitable deals there.

Where to Stay Near Colva Beach

Longuinhos Beach Resort

The Longuinhos Beach Resort lies near the Go Chitra Museum. There are many gardens on its premises. You will get a perfect view of the beach from this Colva Beach resort.

Williams Beach Resort

Williams Beach Resort has airy rooms with ceiling fans. Undoubtedly, it is an excellent place to stay. You can have a beautiful view of the Arabian Sea. Surely, it is a Colva Beach resort.

Silver Sand Beach Resort

Silver Sand Beach Resort, a Colva Beach resort, is just a simple restaurant that offers you rooms with balconies. There are also comfortable sofa beds. Stay here to see Goa’s simplicity and elegance.

Club Mahindra Acacia-

Club Mahindra Acacia lies near Colva beach. It is a luxurious place surrounded by green palms. Hence it looks tropical. There are facilities like a swimming pool and breakfast buffets here.

Baywatch Resort Goa

Baywatch Resort Goa is a Colva Beach resort that has sitting areas, poolside lounges, private balconies, and live music. Generally, it is a fantastic hotel. Certainly,  you can have a luxury beach stay.

Shacks at Colva Beach

Colva Beach resort


Basically, you will get North Indian, Chinese and Goan dishes. You may also try different soups and breakfast items here.


It is a fantastic beach shack. You can get amazing non-vegetarian dishes and even seafood items.

 The Baggie’s Café

If you want to bask in the sun while eating some delicious and refreshing cocktails, you must choose Baggie’s café.

Joecons Beach Shack

If you want to have amazing European breakfast dishes with a gorgeous scenic view of the Arabian waves, then you must select Joecons Beach shack.

Esco’s Sun and Moon Bar and Restaurant

Esco’s Sun and Moon Bar and Restaurant is a small pub in a hut. It is like a dream come true. Come here and get traditional Goan food. You can enjoy the food here on a beach.

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 How to Reach Colva Beach

From Panaji

the distance between Colva Beach and Panaji is 27 km. You can take a taxi to reach there. It will take around 40 minutes to be there.

From Goa International Airport

By the way, Colva Beach is 23 km away from Goa International Airport. So you can hire a car or taxi to be at Colva Beach. It will take around 30 minutes to be there.

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