Best Treks Ever | Most Visited 23 Trekking Places near Manali & Kullu

Chandrakhani Pass

One of the best treks, Chandrakhani pass rests at the altitude of about 3,660 M. Certainly, you will enjoy lush and scenic nature here. The trek goes through dense forest decorated with beautiful trees like chestnut, pine, and deodar. You will enjoy the trekking on the rugged trail as well as wildflowers that decorate the trail.

When you walk through Ramsu village, ancient Jamlu temple, and lush green meadows, you will enjoy the beauty of nature. And you will get a chance to see the grazing sheep at Celanti. To reach Kasol and Malana village, you will have to cross the rugged ridges alongside the Malana River.

Distance: 21 km from Manali

Best time to visit: Mid-June to September.

Bhrigu Lake Trek: One of The Best Trek

trekking bhrigu lake

Bhrigu Lake is on the eastern part of Rohtang Pass in the upper Kullu region. Certainly, it is an exquisite pretty glacial high altitude lake. And it is located at a height of around 4,300 meters (in other words 14,100 feet), so one of the best treks. Those who want to save themselves from dryness and heat must visit this spot.

Certainly, the high peaks of Hanuman Tibba and Seven Sisters Peaks will mesmerize you. Generally, tourists keep their cameras out as there are lots of scenic views. So you also be ready for capturing the beauty of nature and beautiful places in your camera.

On this trek, you will pass through the forests of pine and oak trees, beautiful green meadows, apple and plum orchards, as well as wooden houses in the villages.

The lake is the marking spot of the trek. It is said that when one looks at this lake it appears in different hues. And you can spend your starry night at the camping site at Rola Kholi.

Distance: 18 kilometers from Manali

Difficulty: Easy level trek.

Best time to visit: From May to October.

Hampta Pass: One of The Moderate Level Treks

hampta pass best treks
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Hampta Pass trek is from Kullu to Lahaul. By the way, it is one of the most dramatic and best Indian treks. The trekkers encounter breathtaking views of nature; on one hand, you will get a chance to see the lush landscape of Kullu and on the other hand the barren desert-like vistas of Lahaul.

The trek will take you through exquisite beautiful meadows of wildflowers, glacial lakes, dense forest of alpine trees, gurgling mountain streams, and high peaks. You will have to spend 5 days on this trekking and you will see these beautiful and different pieces of scenery. The maximum altitude gained during this trekking is 14,000 feet.

Distance: 15 Kilometers from Manali

Difficulty: Moderate level trek.

Best time: From June to September.

Deo Tibba: One of the Moderate Level Best Treks

Deo Tibba trek is one of the most famous places for scenic views that you will see on the way. While trekking, you will get a chance to enjoy the fragrant forest of the pine trees, small hilly streams, glorious peaks like Deo Tibba, Nobru Peak, and also the beautiful blue waters of Chotta Chandratal Lake.

Even you will see the local houses on the path. The people of the gaddi tribe live there. During this trekking of 5 days, the maximum altitude falls is around 13,775 ft.

Distance: 19 Kilometers from Manali

Difficulty: Moderate level trek.

Best Time to Visit: During May-June, and September-October.

Bara Bhangal Trek: One of The Best Treks for Challange Lovers

bara bhangal trek best treks

Those who love challenges must choose Bara Bhangal Trek i.e. the best treks. By the way, this trek is perfect experienced trekkers. You will frequently get altitude during your trekking as you will cross many high peaks.

There are thrilling slopes here, which change regularly. This difficult trekking will reward you with amazing experiences every day. You will get a chance to see the beautiful Kalihani Glacier, lush meadows, forests of oak trees and Ravi River, etc. This trekking of 10 days will lead to a high altitude of 16,000 feet which is 4900 in meters.


Distance: 36.5 Kilometers from Manali.

Difficulty: Difficult level trek.

Best Time to Visit: During April-June, & October-November.

Beas Kund Trek: One of The Best Treks for Moderate Level Trekkers

beas kund lake, beas river
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One of the best treks near Manali, Beas Kund Trek lies in the Dhauladhar Range. In fact, it is one of the most significant spots here. This trek originates from Beas River which is sacred and the trek is also full of amazing scenic views.

By the way, it is a 3 days long trek. Certainly, this trekking is going to be most attractive thrilling, because you will walk through the banks of Beas River, the pretty Solang Valley and the mountain hamlet called Dhundi.

You will get a chance to see glacial moraines and pass through Bakarthach, a wildflower meadow having people of Gaddi tribe and flocks of sheep. By the way, Beas Kund rests at the highest altitude of 11,600 feet on this trekking. And you will see the breathtaking scenes of Friendship Peak and Hanuman Tibba Peak from this place.

Distance: 21 Kilometers from Manali.

Difficulty: Moderate level trek.

Best Time to Visit: During June-October.

Bijli Mahadev Trek: One of The Best Treks for Bigginers

Bijli Mahadev temple rests at 8,000 feet. While passing through this thrilling trek you will get a chance to walk through beautiful and scenic valleys. Certainly, you would see the mountains of the Pir Panjal range.

You will pass through the beautiful Chansari village, Kais Wildlife Sanctuary, and Matikochar Range. However, this trek is one that will give you a chance to experience breathtaking views of the confluence of two rivers; Parvati and Beas.

Bijli Mahadev temple remains shut during winter. Due to this temple, it is a sacred place. Generally, there is a legend that over and over again the temple is shattered due to lightning strikes and the priest uses butter to glue it back.

Distance: 62 Kilometers from Manali.

Difficulty: Easy Trek, one of the best treks for freshers.

Best time: During April-October.


Chandratal Baralacha Trek: One of the Best & Moderate Level Treks

Chandratal Baralacha Trek

The Chandratal Baralacha trek is one of the most beautiful and prettiest trails for trekking.  It is a 10-day long trek that provides you with the most beautiful scenic views and your trekking will certainly be unforgettable.

Beautiful high peaks of Talagiri, Tara Pahar, and Minar will provide you best views and peace. However, you destinate on this trekking will be moon shaped Chandratal Lake.

You will get an opportunity to enjoy the views of turquoise-green waters of the placed lake, and then you will reach Barakacha which is at the height of 16,040 feet. Certainly, you will love to enjoy the trek along with rivers like Bhaga, Yunam, and Chandra on the final leg of the trek

Distance: 190 Kilometers from Manali

Difficulty: Moderate level trek.

Best time: During July-October.

Patalsu Peak: One of The Best and Easy Treks

If you are an inexperienced trekker, Patalsu Peak is a perfect spot. By the way, like all trekking routes it also full of natural beauty.

It is one of the shortest treks. This trek is as short as 2-day walking distance. On the trek, you will have to go through the forests of oak and deodar, where colorful birds like Pheasants and Monals live.  You will love the spot as you will get a chance to see the scenic views of Kullu Valley, Hanuman Tibba, and Friendship peak.

Certainly, you will surprise to see the breathtaking views of Lahaul, Spiti, and Beas Kund Peak from the top of the peak. While trekking on this route, you will get the height of around 13,800 feet.

Distance: 36 Kilometer from Manali.

Difficulty: Easy trek.

Best Time to Visit: From May to June, and from September-Mid October.

Prashar Lake: One of The Treks for Inexperienced Trekkers

People think that Parashar Lake is a hidden gem in the Dhauladar range. It is a beautiful short trek of 2 days. By the way, it gives you glorious views of the offbeat spot.

While trekking on this trek, you will pass through steep and rugged trails rich with trees like oak and pine. Certainly, you will be happy to see red-colored rhododendron bushes during this trekking and even you will see the views of Kinnaur and Shimla mountain ranges on your path.

When you will reach the oval-shaped blue water, mother nature will be reward with scenic views. Not only this you will also get a chance to see the 3,000-year-old temple on the bank of the lake and a floating island inside it. Generally, many myths run here.

People say that it is not easy to ascertain the depth of the lake, as no one has been able to do it yet. On this trek, you will gain the height altitude of around 9,000 feet.

Distance: 103 Kilometers from Manali.

Difficulty: Easy level trek.

Best Time to Visit: During June-October, and January-February.

Pandoh Dam

About 6km from the town of Pandoh is the stunning sight of the Pandoh Dam which provides a sight for the sore eyes. This is often one of the most effective places to go to in Manali if you’re looking to spend time in a virgin, unexplored place. The dam is made over the Beas River and lies within the Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh.

It is a neighborhood of the hydroelectric energy generation project of India. The dam is surrounded by tall pine trees and therefore the verdant green hills of the Himalayas. Although swimming and water activities are banned within the catchment areas, you’ll still enjoy the greenery and scenic beauty round the dam.

The dam will be easily reached by road as a rough road leads right up to the dam. However, prior permission from authorities is required to go to the dam. The place is right for weekend treks, picnics, and a day outing. There’s also a tiny island in the middle of the lake which is ideal for just relaxing with the sight of cool water all around you!

The dam is particularly fitted to the click-happy photo lovers out there who want to catch a sight of nature altogether its glory. The sight of the blue and green water reservoir surely makes up for a few great shots.

Distance: 88 Kilometers from Manali

Best Time to Visit: From April to October.


An ancient village rested amidst the high mountains of the state of Himachal Pradesh. Malana is quite famous as the perfect holiday destination for hipsters. the situation is surrounded by lush, green trees and incredible valleys, making it apt for the people who love nature in its truest essence.

The village is bordered by Parvati valley on the north-east and Kullu valley on the other side with peaks of Cahndrakhani and Deotibba shadowing the small, paradise of India.

Apart from the natural beauty, Malana is additionally known for its unique lifestyle and social structure that the locals essentially follow. Their dressing sense, the type of food they eat, the festivals they celebrate, the way those festivals are celebrated, and more reflect the colorful culture and tradition that’s quite unique to the place.

This perfect holiday destination is situated at a height of 2,652 meters, in other words, approximately 8,701ft above the ocean level. There’s such a lot of beauty underlying during this town that there are numerous documentaries made on this town, depicting the wonders that Malana encompasses.

A few popular documentaries that interested readers can inspect our Malana: Globalization of a Himalayan Village and Malana, A lost identity. the normal language spoken in Malana is Kanashi.

Apart from that, there’s much history that lies behind the existence of this beautiful location. According to local legend, the revered sage namely Jamlu Rishi was a resident on this place and he has been given major credits for setting up the principles, traditions, and culture among other regulations of Malana.

Locals even claim that Malana reflects the world’s oldest democracies with a well-established parliamentary system also. Malana is believed to possess held immense respect during the pre-Aryan times.

Naggar Village

Naggar is one among those few enchanting places in Himachal Pradesh that’s famous for its kaleidoscopic beauty that has managed to stay untouched and elusive. Anywhere that you simply look while walking on the winding trails filled with pinecones and deodar trees, you’re met by undulated views of snow-coated mountains and also the crashing sounds of the Beas River. Some of the British officers, in their 18th-century writings, have even compared Naggar to Switzerland, that’s how beautiful it is!

Nagar has a rich and royal history and culture, and because of it, Naggar’s a tremendous amalgamation of architectural styles- be it the traditional Naggar castle, Hindu temples, Buddhist monasteries, or also the picturesque timber houses. The whole place has seeped therein chic artsy vibe that pulls art lovers from everywhere. it’s many art galleries and museums that are important repositories of the local customs and collectibles and are a must-visit.

Known as the gateway to a number of the best and the most intriguing treks in Himachal Pradesh, Naggar is additionally a heaven for trekkers and hikers. this is often where you’ll explore trails like Beas Kund, Chandrakhani Pass, Bhrigu Lake, Hampta Pass, and lots of more.

The humble and warm local people never fail to invite visitors to their home for a cup of tea or local Pahari fare. The place is additionally famous for other sorts of cuisines starting from Mediterranean, Italian, to Tibetan.

Parvati Valley

kasol parvati valley best treks

There are many beautiful villages, waterfalls, and Kheerganga in Parvati Valley. In fact, Parvati Valley is a center of attraction for nature lovers. You will come across the villages like Malana and Manikaran.

Here is a confluence of the Beas River and the Parvati River. People believe that is was Lord Shiva’s abode around 3,000 years. You can see a pretty homogeneity between the stoic sadhus and the hippie tourists from Israel. Their love for the mountains units them.

You can visit the mystic villages of Malana and Tosh, where you can enjoy short nature hikes. Generally, you’ll also enjoy delicious Israeli and Italian food. Even you are not supposed to miss the best parties at Kasol. By the way, you may also visit Manikaran Sahib Gurudwara. Check out our Daily Deals at

Distance: 72 Kilometer from Manali

Best Time to Visit: During March-June and October-February.


It is a small village in Parvati Valley. You will have to travel for 80 kilometers from Manali to reach here. By the way, this spot is famous for its hot water springs and Gurudwara Shri Manikaran. So the visitors love to put their feet over here.

Besides these locations, you will also get a chance to see the beautiful temples of Lord Shiva and Lord Rama. Religious people love to visit these temples. There are a few tales related to this place. And the Parvati River adds glamour to this beautiful place.

Apart from being a religious place, this place is famous for easy trekking activities. Like this, it is a hotspot for fresher adventure lovers.

Distance: 80 Kilometers from Manali

Best Time to Visit: From April to June.


Kheerganga is named after the milky white waters of the Parvati River. Naturally, it is one of the most beautiful tourist stops near Manali. As this village is slightly far from the road, it charming enough.

The adventure lovers should try this 13 km Kheerganga hike. Here are beautiful trails filled with thick pinewoods, many babbling brooks, and colorful village houses. There is a hot water spring at the end of the trek.

Distance: 97 Kms from Manali

Best Time to Visit:  From May to June, and from September to October.


Gulaba is a small scenic village in the state of Himachal Pradesh. It is named after Raja Gulab Singh. During his invade China, he camped here.

During summer months, the village turns into green, and render a different charm. While winter comes it muffles the white sheet of snow.  Hence both of its views are beautiful in different ways. Thus you can enjoy winter games in snow here.

This hamlet rests in Pir Panjal Range at an altitude of 4300 meters. The visitor who make a list of the places to visit near Manal, keep this small village on their list. This beautiful village will offer you adventures like skiing and paragliding.

Distance: 27 Kilometers from Manalli

Best Time to Visit: During April-June & October-January.


Surrounded by mountains, Bhuntar is an attractive hamlet. It is one of the best spots to visit near Manali. The people who want to stay away from noisy places come to this village. Certainly, they will experience peace and beautiful nature here.

Moreover, you will get a chance to see an ancient Basheshwar Temple, a temple from the time of Pandavas. This place is famous for its carved stone architecture. Besides it, here is another temple of the 8th-century, Bijli Mahadev Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. During Shivratri, people visit the temple to offer their worship to Lord Shiva. Even you should go to Jagannath Temple which rests on the top of a hill.

Distance: 49 Kilometers from Manali.

Best Time to Visit:  From October to May.

Tirthan Valley

tirthan valley kullu

However, there are many valleys in the state of Himachal Pradesh but Tirthan Valley is one of the beautiful places to visit. By the way, it is in Kullu district. Certainly, one cannot bind its beauty in words.

This valley is named after the glacial Tirthan River originating in the Great Himalayan National Park. This beautiful spot renders beauty and peace for those who spend time here.

Not only the beauty lovers but adventure enthusiasts also can enjoy here. They can do activities like river crossing, rock climbing, and trekking. Besides these activities, you may try trout fishing.

Distance: 93 Kilometers from Manali

Best Time to Visit: From October to May.


tosh manali

Like other mountain villages, Tosh is also beautiful but is more than its fame as a cannabis destination. Needless to say, it is one of those perfect places near Manali that render you a cool atmosphere from the burning sun. Certainly, you will see snow-capped mountains everywhere.

Certainly, you will get a chance to see ancient Tosh Temple from the outside, because it is mostly locked up and tourists are hardly allowed to go in. And also you will see the beautiful waterfall of the village, hike through the narrow alleys.

Distance: 95 Kilometer from Manali.

Best Time to Visit: From March to June for the experience of pleasant weather and from October to February for snow activities lovers.


Kothi is a small village resting at the foothills of Rohtang Pass. By the way, it has extraordinary beauty that makes it one of the pretty gems of Himachal Pradesh. And the best part of it is that it is just 12 kilometers away from Manali.

This hamlet is scenic and picturesque. Because of its beauty, it attracts the eyes of beauty lovers. Certainly, the tourists will get a chance to see lush meadows, white beauty of snow-covered mountains, and also the blue water of the flowing Beas river.

Due to its eye-catching beauty, many Bollywood movies have been filmed here. Even this hamlet hosted many great poets and painters and gave them the inspiration to enhance their artistry. If you want to have relaxation, then this location is best for you.

Distance: 12 kilometers from Manali.

Best Time to Visit: From April to June.


Himachal Pradesh has also a few Buddhist villages and Sethan is one of those villages. The majority of people who settled here are from Tibet. Certainly, it is a hidden paradise in true sense.

By the way, it contains only 20 houses, this spot casts a spell on the tourists. Such a beautiful place it is! So it makes the hamlet perfect for a mountain holiday in the tranquility of nature.

Like other tourist spots in Himachal Pradesh, it also gives an offer to enjoy skiing, snowboarding, and winter treks during the winter season. While in summer, it will render your trekking and night camping.

However, most of the places are considered the best tourist places in Himachal Pradesh, but Pandu Ropa is a must visiting place, People believe that Pandavas meditated here.

Distance: 16 Kilometer from Manali.

Best Time to Visit:  From October to May.


Generally, the tourists who are seeking peace with beauty and want to get rid of the noisy and busy city, then it is a perfect place for you. Certainly, it has a beauty like other villages of the state of Himachal Pradesh.

There are beautiful clear lakes, snow-covered peaks, and forest of fragrant pine trees just like other places of Himachal Pradesh. Certainly, you will love to see the beautiful places, thick forest, ancient and traditional Chaini Fort built in Himachali style. By the way, remember to enjoy the visit to the hidden underground tunnel at the Fort. You also should explore Serolar Lake and Jalori Pass.

Distance: 100 Kilometers from Manali.

Best Time to Visit: From October to May.


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