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Beaches in Goa by Goa tourism- Ashwem Beach is situated at Mandrem in Northern Goa India. Mandrem is a coastal village in Pernem District. By the way, this beach is very close to Panjai, the capital of Goa. Undoubtedly, you will love to know the whereabouts of Ashwem Beach.

This beach falls between two beautiful beaches- Morjim Beach and Mandrem Beach. Certainly, this beach is one of the most popular beaches in Goa (North Goa). Basically, the beach is surrounded by white sand and palm trees, there are the things for which Ashwem Beach is famous.

Though there are the most popular beaches in Goa, you will enjoy the beautiful waves of the Arabian Sea here. Like other beaches, this beach also provides you with tasty food, hotels, Shacks, and other activities that will make your Goa trip extremely beautiful.

I strongly suggest you not to forget to see the breathtaking sunset here.



When to Visit Ashwem Beach/Beaches in Goa India

Normally, you can visit Ashwem beach or other beaches in Goa whenever you like. Still, the best time to be at Ashwem Beach is between November and February, in other words, the winter season. As Goa is tropical, the winter season is cool and pleasant and you can enjoy the ideal warm sun to combat the cold.

In the summer season, the temperatures hit 40 degrees Celsius and humidity is very high. As a result, it is not ideal for a relaxing vacation. Hence winters become the most enjoyable season. But if you want to enjoy water sport and you can endure summer, you can also go there in summer.

Since the months from June to September are the months of monsoon. Goa sees very heavy rainfall and storms, which is not a comfortable and peaceful vacation at beaches in Goa.

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Never Miss At Ashwem Beach/Beaches in Goa India


Chapora Fort: Falls in Places to visit in Goa India

Built near the Chapora River, Chapora Fort lies in Bardez. The fort is one of the most gorgeous places to visit, not for rich history, but also for the empyreal beauty.  Chapora Fort offers a popular trekking spot for adventure enthusiasts.

Harmal Beach: One of the Beaches in Goa-

Harmal Beach is one of the beaches in Goa. But it is a secret beach and it lies in North Goa. Undoubtedly, this beach is extremely picturesque. You can see the sand curve here. Like other beaches in Goa, Harmal beach also provides suitable water sports like swimming, waterboarding, etc. Generally, tourists can reach the spot by bus, autos, and rental bikes.

Morjai Temple-

Morjai Temple attracts tourists and locals. Certainly, they come here because of its ancient “Kaavi” art décor. Morjai Temple lies in the Pernum districts.

Arambol Mountain: Places to Visit in Goa India

There is a little distance between Arambol Mountain and Asgwem Beach. This scenic place is a peaceful retreat. You know the most beautiful things about this place are that it offers you an unbeatable sunrise and the most romantic sunset. Surprisingly, this mountain is ideal for a small picnic with family, friends, and loved ones.

Morjim Beach: a Beach Out of the Beaches in Goa

Ashwem Beach offers you a very beautiful spot for hanging out, and it is Morjim Beach. There are several cafes, restaurants, etc on the beach. Hence you can enjoy delicious food and water sports as well. Not only this but it is also home to the rare Olive Ridley Sea Turtles.

Chail Shimla snowfall

Things to Do at Ashwem Beach/ Beaches in Goa India

Goa tourism manage all the

jet ski at beaches in Goa India
jet ski at beaches in Goa India


Like other beaches in Goa, Ashwem Beach also offers many watersports. Goa tourism will offer you the most exciting activities, so will be found at Ashwem Beach in Goa. The sports lovers and adventure-junkies will love this beautiful spot. Hence Goa tourism becomes amazing:

Surfing –

If you are in Goa, you will love to enjoy surfing. Due to gentle waves and suitable currents at Ashwem Beach, it becomes perfectly ideal for surfing in North Goa. Basically, there are professional coaches who guide the surfers. Undoubtedly, the coaches help to make your experience authentic and exciting.


If you love adventure you must go for paragliding. Certainly, this will offer you an unsurpassable view of the sky and water while you will spread your wings in the sky. To enjoy it you must go there during late September and early June.


There are some extremely unique and exciting activities at Ashwem Beach like windsurfing and kite surfing. When the sky is clear and the sea is pleasant, tourists can enjoy windsurfing. Goa Tourism suggests you go between October and April if you want to enjoy it.

Boat ride-

The boat ride is a unique water activity that you can enjoy at Ashwem Beach romantically and peacefully. Surely, there are many boat service providers who can provide you the boat rides..

Jet Ski-

Jet Ski is also one of the ultimate adventurous sports you can enjoy on this beach. There are many sufficient and safe services providers, you can take their services and enjoy in the Arabian Sea.

Goa tourism looks after these activities development of the tourist places as well.

Enjoy Nightlife at Ashwem Beach Goa

As everyone knows Goa is world-famous as the party capital of India. Undoubtedly, Ashwem beach is also home to some amazing night clubs. Obviously, you can dance the night away and enjoy limitlessly.

When tourists think about the places to visit in Goa India, Beaches in Goa are the first thoughts they get.  There are the best clubs like Club Cabana, Nyex Beach Club, and Liquid Sky where renowned DJs of Goa can be found.

 Where to Eat

Obviously, you will find famous restaurants and cafes in Ashwem Beach that serve a multitude of cuisines and food items. I have mentioned some of the places you will love to eat at when you are at the beach:

S2 Beach Shack-

S2 Beach Shack lies exactly on the face of the beach and you must here. Because it is one of the must-eat places on Ashwem Beach. You will get a good range of authentic local dishes as well as an impressive menu offering other delicious food items. When you are here, you will enjoy your afternoons and evenings.

Paradise Beach Shack-

Like S2 Beach Shack, Paradise Beach Shack also lies on the face of the beach. By the way, you will love to get incredible seafood with chilled beer when your feet are resting on the sand of Ashwem Beach.

Café Sea Green Back Shack-

Café Sea Green Beach Shack is different from other beach restaurants. The interiors are really amazing and beautiful. There is a mixture of rural and modern aesthetics. You will amazingly get a chance to enjoy humble local food in a modern and fine dining atmosphere.

La Plage

If you are looking for a modern restaurant or a restaurant for French and European food, La Plage is a perfect place for you. Not only this but you can also get vegetarian food items and a bar. You can park your vehicle for free here.

La Cucina-

If you are with your family and you want to enjoy dining with your family you must go to La Cucina. Undoubtedly, it is a family-friendly restaurant, it is a casual dining restaurant where you can get local and international delicious food items.  If you want to experience the true spirit of Goa, you must visit here.

Shopping at Ashwem Beach 

The Saturday Night Market-

If you want to enjoy the weekly market at Ashwem Beach, Saturday Night Market is a perfect destination for you. Since it is a weekly market, it takes place every Saturday. Basically, you can buy jewelry, clothes, bags, spices, accessories, and other necessary things. Not only affordable range of products but you can also find bands and musicians playing live music.

Anjuna Market 

The Anjuna Market is a perfect place for tourists from all over the world. Certainly, you will get products or provisions according to the taste of Americans, Europeans, South-East Asians, South Americans, and other cultures. This market shows represent the culture of Goa so it is the perfect place to buy the best products.

Mapusa Market 

Mapusa Market is also a weekly market. It is a local market that takes place every Friday near Ashwem beach. The locals frequently visit this weekly market for grocery shopping. Basically, this market is famous for its metal artefacts and religious trinkets.

Calangute Market Square 

Calangute is a town near Ashwem. If you are at Ashwem, you must travel to Calangute where you can roam around the vintage market. Generally, this market is famous for hand-made leather goods, metal pots, showpieces, and bohemian clothes. Undoubtedly, tourists love them.

The Goa Collective

The Goa Collective is a famous ultimate hippie market in Goa India. Certainly, you can get a range of items. The hippies who travel to Goa are heedlessly attracted to. You can find unique handmade items as well as live musicians playing throughout the day to keep you entertained. Generally, the artisans keep on working and creating hand-made articles in their shop.

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Where to Stay Near Ashwem Beach



Marbela Beach Resort –

Generally, the tourists look for Marbela as it is one of the most sought-after resorts in Ashwem. The reason for it is its gorgeous interiors and modern luxurious amenities. Certainly, the tourists can enjoy spa sessions and relaxing massages on the beach. They also can get delicious local food from their in-house restaurant.

Palm Grove Beach Resort –

 Palm Grove Beach Resort lies at a short distance from Ashwem beach. Generally, this resort will offer you a massage parlor, a spa, and an in-house restaurant. Since it is a perfect place, you will have a perfect holiday.

Ashvem Beach Resort –

If you want a budget resort without making a compromise on your quality and experience, you must select Ashwem Beach Resort. Like some other resorts, it lies on the beachfront and offers you some unsurpassable views through the window in your rooms.

Rococco Ashvem Beach Resort: One of the Best Resorts in the Beaches in Goa

Rococco Ashwem is one of the best resorts to visit in Goa. Basically, it offers you 43 quality rooms equipped with all modern amenities for the most comfortable stay. You will be able to enjoy services like free Wi-Fi, round-the-clock room service, and much more when you choose the Rococo to stay in. It is just 17 km from the city center.

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La Cabana Beach & Spa –

La Cabana is an extremely beautiful beach resort. It lies in one of the more famous locations in Ashwem. This Spa is spread over an area of 3 acres. Generally, it offers you sea-facing rooms, beachside cafes, and restaurants.

Shack at Ashwem Beach


GoldenEye Beach: One of the Shacks at the Beaches in Goa-

When we talk about the beach shack, GoldenEye Beach Shack comes to mind first as it is an extremely famous beach shack in North Goa. It offers luxury accommodations and some of the best foods in the area.

Surprisingly, you get a chance to enjoy yourself in an impressive bar and sprawling dance floor. Amazing and exciting parties are taken place here.

S2 Beach Shack at Ashwem Beach-

S2 Beach Shack does not only offer you delicious food but it also offers a comfortable stay. Basically, you will get family-friendly rooms with room service, free parking, ac rooms, and much more. Obviously, you will not miss delicious seafood dishes from their in-house restaurant.

Silver Sand Beach Shack and Coco Huts-

Silver Sand Beach Shack is a must going shack as the staff here is friendly and welcoming. Surely, you will not feel like a tourist here. You will be able to enjoy great food and cocktails on the lounge chairs, laid out on the beach itself. You will also get a chance to enjoy live music that keeps on playing throughout the night.

Babu Huts and the Pagan Café- 

If you want to enjoy a relaxing time or you want to stay away from the usual party atmosphere for which Goa is known. Basically, a clean beach and a peaceful atmosphere are points of attraction for a relaxing holiday.

Information is according to Goa tourism.

How to Reach Ashwem Beach


From Panaji to Ashwen Beach

Ashwem Beach is 30 km away from Panaji. You can take the bus from the Kadamba Bus stand in Panaji.

One can also travel by train, the Thivim Railway station is just 18 km.

You also can choose a taxi service to reach Ashwem Beach.

From Goa International Airport

Ashwem Beach is 54.6 km far from Goa International Airport. You can hire a taxi to reach Ashwem beach. It is around one hour journey that will cost you from 1300 to 1700.

People also ask

Is Ashwem beach safe?

Ashwem Beach is not only one of the safest but it is also the cleanest beaches in Goa.

How far is Ashwem beach from Calangute?

The distance via Aguada – Siolim Rd is 38 minutes, in other words, 19.2 km. On the other hand, it is 45 minutes, which means 21.0 km via Pernem – Agarwada – Morjim. But via Calangute- Mapusa Rd it is 24.3 km, in other words, it takes 44 minutes to be there.

What is Ashwem Beach famous for?

Here is a quiet atmosphere for with Ashwem Beach is famous. Certainly, it is not like other beaches, the peaceful setting, and delicious local food make it amazing. Unlike the other beaches, it is known for relaxing vacations. So party-goers must not come here.

What is there to do in Ashwem Beach?

The tourist can enjoy several unique activities at the beach. You can enjoy surfing as the waves and currents are suitable there. There is a forest around the beach so you can also enjoy trekking and hiking there. Even you can shop from several amazing markets in the area.

What is Morjim beach famous for?

There are many Olive Ridley Sea Turtles and Morjim Beach is famous for these endangered turtles. Actually, the northern area of the beach is home to turtles. Surprisingly, Chapora River is known as a birders paradise.

How many beaches are there in Goa?
There are around 35 beaches in Goa.

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