Bambolim Beach Resort | Bambolim Beach: Where to visit

Bambolim Beach Goa is an ideal beach for those who want to enjoy a calm life far from the din of the city. Generally, this beach offers you a scenic view. Bambolim beach resort also has a good location to enjoy this beauty.

Generally, there are lots of coconut trees, and this spot is ever hot among several tourists. They love to be here for its beauty.

By the way, it is not far from Panji, it is just 7 km far from Panji. You can enjoy not only golden sand beaches but also cerulean waters of the calm Arabian Sea. It is extremely beautiful.

Even you can enjoy a family trip or a romantic trip with your partner. There are many sports to be enjoyed.

When to Visit Bambolim Beach

As I have mentioned in my earlier posts, winter is the ideal season to visit Goa. Same as is here, in other words, you should go to Bambolim Beach from October to March. You will feel a fresh breeze, due to sweet weather, you will cherish some romantic moments here. By the way, Bambolim Beach resorts enhance this beauty a lot.

Generally, there is heavy rain during the monsoon, so the months of monsoon in other words the months from June to September is not the ideal time to visit there.

In the same way, the summer season is also not a little bit ideal as the sun is extremely hot during the summer. So avoid visiting there during the April-June months.

Hence Winter is ideal to enjoy yourself at the beach.

Never Miss at Bambolim Beach

Beaches in Goa

When you enjoy some warm moments here, leave your luggage at your Bambolim beach resort and seek other places near the beach. Here are some must-going places to explore.

British Cemetery

This cemetery was built in the Napoleonic era. By the way, it is one of the oldest cemeteries in India and it has 47 tombstones. You will get a chance to observe sepulchral relics while walking through the path. Generally, you will get a deep essence of living history.

The nearby Churches 

There are many churches in Goa, within 5km from your Bambolim beach resort, you will get these holy churches like the Holy Cross Shrine and Siridao Church.

Undoubtedly, these churches are extremely beautiful, you can relax with peach under the divine shelter. Bambolim beach offers these beautiful places to visit where you can see beautiful paintings and scriptures. By the way, the church is very mesmerizing.

The beaches near Bambolim Beach

If you are at Bambolim Beach and are staying in a Bambolim beach resort, you will get a chance to go to Siridai Beach, Marviel Beach, and Te Vainguinim Beach. Since these beaches lie near Bambolim Beach, you can enjoy yourself there too.

Unlike crowded beaches, these beaches have a peaceful atmosphere. While they have a peaceful atmosphere, you can enjoy water sports there. Even the fishermen can be seen there with theirs tools and they sell their catches.

Chorao Sanctuary

This sanctuary is 14 km away from Bambolim Beach. Chorao Sanctuary fascinates the tourists as they can see many exotic birds.

Generally, there are around 400 different species of migratory and local birds. They live in this beautiful sanctuary surrounded by different trees. By the way, keep your camera ready to capture some memorable moments here.

Watersports at Bambolim Beach


There are plenty of enjoyable activities and games at Bambolim Beach. Surely, you will enjoy yourself there. Let’s have a look at some of those activities.

Parasailing at Bambolim Beach

Like other beaches in Goa, Bambolim Beach also offers parasailing, it is an interesting and thrilling activity to do. When you fly you can see the fascinating surrounding the beach. Basically, in this sport, a Parachute is tied to a speedboat.

Jet Skiing at Bambolim Beach

Jet Skiing is an interesting sport to enjoy. When you are at Bambolim Beach Resort, you will get a chance to see many people enjoying Jet Skiing. By the way, you can come to Bambolim Beach and enjoy Jet Skiing. In this sport, you will scoot in the waters of the Arabian Sea. Please put on your life jacket before riding.

Speed Boating at Bambolim Beach

Speed Boating is another activity you can enjoy at Bambolim Beach. Basically, this activity is for beginners, as they can easily handle and enjoy it. By the way, safety is first, so never forget to take your life jacket with you. Then ride the speed boat along the waters.

Ringo Rides

Ringo Rides is an adventure that fun lovers love very much. In this adventure, you splash around and tumble on the waves.

By the way, you ride a circular tube along the water and that tube is tied to a boat. Even beginners can enjoy it and have fun in the waters of the Arabian Sea.

Nightlife at Bambolim Beach



Like other beaches in Goa, there are several night clubs around Bambolim Beach. Even, you can get a premium drink in these clubs and enjoy it during the night. So go there and enjoy the music and dance in the dim light there.

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Obviously, when you are there with your loved ones, you would look for some good restaurants. Generally, Bombolim beach resort offers good food. Even There are many restaurants, that offer delicious Goan food.

Even you can enjoy live music while having your food. Basically, live music takes place mostly in all restaurants or Bambolim Beach resort.

Beachside Shacks

There are many beach shacks where you can stay and enjoy your life having a drink in your hand. Bambolim beach resort makes it easy for you. Just choose one of those resorts of shacks to enjoy your drink having an unsurpassable view of the sea.


If you want to check your luck, you can choose a nearby casino. Generally, all the casinos have a learner’s table so that you can have an idea of the game before you play it. Just roll dice and wait for winning your luck.

Where to eat at Bambolim Beach

Sea food at bambolim beach resort

Sand and Sea Bar and Restaurant

Sand and Sea Bar and Restaurant offers authentic Goan dishes. Surely, you will love the spicy taste of the freshly cooked food of local flavors. There is an opening sitting arrangement, thus it becomes more charming for the tourists. You can feel the fresh air touching your face while you eating here.

Even the staff is good and supportive at service.

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If you want to taste extremely beautiful and range of delicious Italian and multi-cuisine food, then you must visit Chulha. Even you can taste a wide range of luscious drinks here.

By the way, the atmosphere of the place is buzzing and the service is warm. So you will enjoy your meal here.

Peep Kitchen

If you are a lover of Indian, Chinese, and Thai food, then Peep Kitchen is a perfect place for you. Even you can get a quality drink there.

The interior is extremely beautiful since there are beautiful mural paintings and a dimly lighted atmosphere. Hence the guests have a relaxed dining experience here.

The staff is very friendly and attentive, hence services become one of the most unique points to be here.

Where to Stay Near Bambolim Beach

There are many hotels and resorts near the beach. So you can stay in any Bambolim Beach resort or hotel. Some of them have been mentioned below:

Grand Hyatt Goa: A Bambolim Beach Resort

It is a Bambolim Beach Resort. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most luxurious resorts near Bambolim Beach. Here you can get a sweeping view of the golden beach. Even the guests can swim in its swimming pool and private beach area for their relaxation.

Even you can enjoy the walk in the sprawling gardens there. It is a multi-cuisine restaurant, that will offer you delectable dishes, Goan seafood, and continental food.

Casa Menezes: One of the Bambolim Beach Resort

Casa Menezes is also a Bambolim beach resort. It is very beautiful and it is sure that you will have a memorable stay there. It very closer to the beach and you will see a lush green garden there. Even the Barbeque facility will give you some unforgettable moments here.

Even the staff here is hospitable and they offer 24*7 service. All the rooms have the latest facilities. Hence you can enjoy your vacation perfectly here.

Amrapali: Bambolim Beach Resort

Amrapali rests in the heart of Bambolim, it is a beautiful Bambolim Beach resort.  Basically, it offers a relaxing experience. Even there is a swimming pool, and you can use the terrace and shared lounge. Their restaurant is multi-cuisine with a bar. If you stay here, it will be a memorable stay with your loved ones.

The Crown: BambolimBeach Resort

The Crown lies near Bambolim Beach. Basically, it is also a beautiful Bambolim beach resort. Undoubtedly, you will get the best accommodation with an outdoor swimming pool and restaurants.

Even there are green lawns where you can lie and relax and enjoy breathtaking views of the Mandovi River. You will get delicious dishes here with cool and fresh riverside air.

Shacks at Bambolim Beach

Rising Star Beach Shack

Rising Star Beach Shack is one of the beach shacks designed with thatched roofs. Undoubtedly, you will get here the essence of rusticity. You will get comfort here and some refreshing moments as well. Even you can get a delicious taste from the local dishes here.

Palms N Sands Beach Shack

Palms N Sands Beach Shack is one of the most famous shacks and restaurants. You will get Goan dishes and delicious seafood.

In the evening, you can grab a glass of beer and relax at the seafront with grooving music.

Bob Marley’s Beach Shack

Bob Marley’s Beach Shack is one of the beautiful shacks at the beach. Surely, it is near the Bambolim beach. Here you can enjoy French dishes and seafood. You will feel soft sand under your feet and hear the mesmerizing sound of the crashing waves.

How to Reach Bambolim Beach

How to reach Bambolim Beach

From Panji

Bambolim Beach is just 7.5 km far from Panji. It takes hardly 15 minutes to reach this beautiful and fascinating beach. There is no direct bus so you can either hire a taxi or private car to be at this beach.

From Goa International Airport

Bambolim Beach is around 21 km far from Goa International Airport. Generally, it takes 40 minutes to reach the beach. No direct route is available to Bombolim Beach. Either you can hire a car or you can take a taxi to reach your destination. If you take a taxi you will have to pay around 600-700 rupees.

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