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Let’s Know About Anjuna Beach

There are many glorious beaches in Goa so we can call it home to some glorious beaches of India. Hence Goa is India’s West Coast paradise. And I am going to tell you about Anjuna Beach today. Certainly, I’ll try to explain it in detail. I’ll provide you with every piece of the necessary information so read this article thoroughly.

Center of Attraction

Anjuna Beach is a center of attraction from a quiet family vacation to an adventurous weekend with your friends. So tourists can experience different travel tastes here. This beach is famous for Goan influences, trendy nightclubs, beachside hotels & resorts. We can call it a glamorous paradise within Goa.

This beautiful beach is stretched over the golden coastline. As the place is very scenic and full of activities you will get plenty of chances to enjoy yourself here. Since the southern & northern sides of this beach offer plenty of activities.

By the way, you will see a rocky foreland on the southern end. Undoubtedly, in the north, you will see water sports like bungee jumping, bumpy banana rides, and much more. If you want to go to a ‘multidimensional entertainment hub’, Anjuna Beach is a perfect place for you.

You will get a chance to see some of the stunning scenic views. Whether you are unable to take perfect photos but the beauty here will make you a pro photographer as your photos will be amazingly beautiful. Since nature lies here, you must carry a camera with you. Certainly, you will enjoy photography here.

You will see a beautiful sunrise as well as sunset here. Not only this but you will also see the combination of the white sand & the scintillating blue sea creating an unsurpassable view. And you will love to catch the chance to experience the main attraction of the beach, the flea market. Every Wednesday, a heavy crowd of tourists can be seen here.

Must-going Beautiful Spots at Anjuna Beach

Goa Beach

Undoubtedly, there are many historical monuments and churches near Anjuna Beach. By the way, the beach is beautified by the architectural beauty around the beach. Let’s know some archaic buildings that enhance the beauty of the beach.

Aguada Fort – People say that Aguada Fort protects Old Goa. Though it is an archaic monument, however, it is a well-maintained monument. Certainly, the fort is a well-preserved 17th-century Portuguese fort. The beautiful monument overlooks the vast expanse of the Arabian Sea. And it is famous for the lighthouse and Aguada jail.

St. Anthony’s Church – This beautiful religious place is dedicated to St Anthony of Padua. However, it consists of fine architecture and structure. You know, the Neo-Gothic style church has two towers on the frontispiece and a statue of St Anthony.

Baga Beach – There are lines of tattoo parlors, spas, and local eateries. Friends, it is one of the most popular beaches in the zone of North Goa. If you ask me about a perfect place to witness the nightlife of Goa, I would answer Baga Beach.

Chapora Fort – Portuguese built the Chapora Fort. Though it is a fort, it is full of history & beauty. No doubt, you will see a splendid view of the surrounding Anjuna, Chapora, and Vagator beaches. And now let’s increase our knowledge you know this fort has got its name from Chapora River.

Albuquerque Mansion – There are many beautiful spots in Goa. However, Albuquerque Mansion has its own historical importance. Surprisingly, it is a historical antique building from 1920. Since it is built with white stones, it is very beautiful. Usually, the tourists go here and get a chance to see the splendid view of Mangalore tile & octagonal towers that are lined up in the mansion.

How to Enjoy at Anjuna Beach

Parasailing at Anjuna Beach


There are lots of water sports that may be top off your fun getaway. Usually, you will get some thrilling adventures at Anjuna beach. So don’t forget to give your camera/ mobile phone away to your friends for capturing the memorable moments on your camera or mobile.

 Water Sports at the Beach –

Parasailing – However, beauty lies everywhere in Goa, but the Anjuna beach is famous for its mystical rock formations and scenic beauty. Tourists usually want to experience this scenic beauty so they parasail here. When you are in the sky, you will also overlook the Aguada fort.

Bumpy Banana Ride – Bumpy banana ride is one of the best water sports in the waters of Goa. If you go to Anjuna, your visit is incomplete without the bumpy banana ride. Let me suggest you, to enjoy this ride you will need proper guidance and safety measures. Thus you can enjoy the ride with your friends and family.

Snorkeling – Do you want to enjoy marine life? Then Anjuna Beach is the place where you can spend your vacation with the wonders of marine life. When it comes to experience the underwater world, at this beach you can get in an unforgettable moment of the spectacular underwater world.

Boat Ride – If you are a boat ride lover, then you must visit the beach. Since it is known for its adventurous traits and boat riding is one of them, isn’t it? Youngsters love to visit this beach for riding the boats. Twinkling blue waters will offer you to see the blue beauty of the sea. And this blue beauty, primitive beaches, and aquatic life there is some enticement that makes the ride more interesting and adventurous.

Jet ski ride – When it comes to a thrilling sport, jet-skiing becomes the most popular water sports for the people at the Anjuna beach. It might be a little bit scary, but you should delve deep into your comfort level and try it once in your life.

Nightlife at Anjuna Beach

Nightlife at club in goa

Do you want to enjoy the night in Goa? Do you want to dance to the beats of DJs and groovy music? Since Goa is worldwide famous for night clubs, you can enjoy your nights at Anjuna Beach too. There are cafes and clubs that invite locals as well as tourists. Click here to know the best clubs in Goa.

Curlies – Curlies is perhaps one of the oldest buildings in Goa. Since it is a club, it is deserted during the day but it comes to life at the night. The place is for each and everyone, trace lovers and party haters.

Club Cubana – It lies at Arpora hill. People also call it “Nightclub in the Sky”. You will surely get delicious food, spectacular ambiance here. When it comes to price, it is affordable.

Shiva Valley – If you are looking for boisterous Goan nightclub trance music with different food items, then you must select Shiva Valley. It is so beautiful that you will lose yourself here. Because it is one of the hot party destinations, you must go here.

Xtreme Sports bar – This beautiful place is near Anjuna Beach. It is a wonderful place in proximity. Needless to tell you that it is a heaven jovial tourists, who want to enjoy even second of their tour.

Café Lilliput – Here is another café that rests within the borders of Anjuna Beach. Certainly, the ‘Café Lilliput’ is a spot where you will love to be. The beautiful starlit skies and delicious eateries wait for you there.

Places for Delicious Eatables at Anjuna Beach

Delicious Eatables at Anjuna Beach

You should try some Goan flavor at the beach. Since the cafes and restaurants here serve some legendary and delicious dishes in a trustworthy manner.

Eva Café – Eva Café lies on Anjuna beach. Come here to experience a serene relaxing spot. The café is situated right on the rocks, so you will get a perfect view of Anjuna beach while munching the famous and delicious avocado sandwich.

Goa’s Ark – Do you want to taste Mediterranean food? Then Goa’s Ark is a perfect destination for you and it is also popular for its authenticity. While you will have to pay a good value for money, but, on the whole, it is an ideal place to relax and unwind.

Oasis Café – If you want to enjoy the local eateries, then you must head to Oasis Café. Surely you will get an ambiance of hilarious wall plates. Even the café provides international cuisines. By the way, I will love to recommend the Goan fish curry.

Café Looda – If you come from North India, you will not the North Indian food here. Since Café Looda is there for you. Those who want to taste North Indian food may visit the place. While killing your appetite, you may also watch the beautiful sunset across the beach.

Artjuna – It is a popular but cozy restaurant in Anjuna, It is famous for its variety of breakfast. But I will recommend the pancakes and breakfast smoothie. Certainly, you will rejuvenate your morning here.

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Best Time to Visit

If you are confused about the time for visiting the beach, I’ll help you. The most perfect time to visit there is between November and March, in other words, winter is the perfect season to visit there.

Don’t forget to keep woolen clothes in your bags. This is a perfect time because the weather in Goa is quite breezy and pleasant during these months. Usually, the temperature keeps itself between 21 C to 33 C. Please keep in mind that the summer season will be warm so it is not a good time for enjoying vacations there.

And now, let me through light on the monsoon weather here. Indeed it is evident that you should be careful during the monsoon here. In other words, tourists must be cautious from June to October. Because there are high tides and heavy rain during this season, it is evident that they will ruin all your plans.

How to Reach

From Panaji – You can use the local bus service from Panjim KTC Bus Stand to Mapusa. Just take a bus from Panaji to Mapusa, and then you will have to take another bus from Mapusa to Anjuna. Anjuna Beach is almost 18 km from Panaji, in other words, it is at 40-45 minutes travel distance from Panji.

From Goa International Airport – It is up to you to either take a prepaid taxi from the airport or choose to travel by a local bus. If you choose to travel by bus then walk to the nearby bus stand and take a bus to Panaji. Now follow the same route as has mentioned above.

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